Hackintosh Logo

Hackintosh Logo

by Thü Hürlimann. You may use it at your discretion, in fact I will be happy to see it popping up everywhere ;-) This is my take at a Hackintosh logo. I just don't like any of the pirate-based symbolic usually found in other Hackintosh logos, because a Hackintosh has nothing to do with piracy - we all have paid for Mac OS X. (Sure, Apple noted it not to be installed on non-apple hardware in the agreement, but such an agreement would never hold up in court. No company can force you to not use a legally purchased product the way you like to - except if you have to hack into it in order to do so. If you buy a book, can the store force you to only read it in one of their own franchise hotel rooms you have to pay for too? Sure not.)

Hackintosh t-shirt Why not make a T-Shirt with it?

Hackintosh Boot Logo Or use this for your boot-screen

· In 10.5 or 10.6, use BootXchanger and place the boot.png into it.
· If you have a Hackintosh (with Chameleon boot loader) place boot.png into HD > Extra > Themes > Default. Make sure to remove "Legacy Logo - Yes" from org.chameleon.Boot.plist.